We reimagined Shashi Ruia in
various Avatars

Among all the passions that Shri Shashi Ruia has, technology is one of the closest. With Artificial Intelligence capturing the imagination of all in recent times, we thought of checking with AI how it imagines SNR’s other passions. The outcome was very interesting!

First Essarite

Shashi Ruia, the First Essarite, symbolizes the heart and soul of our community. As a pioneer, he sets the tone for our shared values of excellence and innovation. Shashi's leadership inspires every Essarite to embrace growth, teamwork, and social responsibility, making him the quintessential guide and the cornerstone of our Essar family.


Shashi Ruia, our Master Builder, transforms into a culinary virtuoso, blending his die-hard foodie spirit with unmatched curiosity. From secret recipes to mastering Idli and Biryani, he crafts flavorful triumphs that go beyond boardroom excellence.


When he's not conquering business challenges, Shashi Ruia is a golf enthusiast, dedicated to perfecting his swing. Whether at local favorites like Willingdon Sports Club or international courses in Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Hazira, Malaysia, Singapore, Delhi, and Mumbai, he shares the greens with fellow leaders and friends. A devoted fan of Tiger Woods, Shashi brings the same drive to the golf course as he does to his business ventures.


For Shashi Ruia, cricket isn't just a sport—it's a unifying force in India. As a cricket enthusiast, he cheers for Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev, with Sachin Tendulkar close behind. Shashi fosters team spirit through inter-department and inter-team matches in Hazira and Essar locations, actively encouraging Essar employees to engage in Inter-House Cricket matches. His love for the game extends to watching matches live at the stadium, immersing himself in the excitement alongside fellow cricket fans.

Animal lover

Shashi Ruia, an avid animal lover, holds a special fondness for dogs. His affection extends to a diverse collection of breeds, including German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Dobermans. Housed in a spacious and well-equipped kennel facility in Nand Niketan township, Shashi's love for dogs is evident in the variety of furry companions he cares for.


Shashi Ruia's entrepreneurial flair and passion for agriculture converge in the development of world-class rose farms in Lonavala and Kodaikanal. His deep connection with nature, innovative experimentation, and tech-driven approach shine through, marking a harmonious blend of business acumen and agricultural enthusiasm.

Ted Speaker

Imaginative and insightful, Shashi Ruia takes the stage as a captivating speaker. Beyond the boardroom, he shares a wealth of experiences, seamlessly blending business acumen with personal insights. Shashi's TEDx style talks are a masterclass in leadership, innovation, and the delicate balance between professional success and personal passions. With each engaging dialogue, he inspires audiences to envision a world where entrepreneurial spirit meets the realms of creativity, adventure, and philanthropy.


Shashi Ruia is more than a corporate visionary – he's an avid adventurer. Beyond the confines of the business world, he seeks thrills and embraces the spirit of exploration. Whether conquering the challenges of car rallies or soaring through the skies in aircraft, Shashi's adventurous pursuits mirror his fearless approach to life. His zest for new experiences and the uncharted path makes him not just a leader in boardrooms but a true adventurer in the journey of life.


Anyone who knows Shashi Ruia has experienced his unrelenting joie de vivre. He has the temperament of always smiling which is his greatest gift. He loves to jibe and joke, and is able to diffuse tension during a difficult conversation through his high EQ and astute humour. Shashi Ruia loves a spread a smile and is always excited to share an intelligent joke on global economy or some topical issues closer home. His addresses and presentations are often laced with humour which add to his already magnetic charm.


Immersed in spirituality, Shashi Ruia transcends religious boundaries with a deep connection to the divine. His unwavering love and dedication to his parents, and his gurus, shape his spiritual journey. While he embraces traditional practices like lighting lamps at auspicious events, and thanking/evoking Lord Balaji, with the recitation of Ganpati Stotra having a special place in his heart. For a profound sense of solace and peace, Shashi's favorite temple retreat is the serene Tirupati Balaji Temple in Andhra Pradesh.


Car racing and taking part in car rallies hold a special place in Shashi Ruia's heart, a passion he has cherished for many years. Since his youth, he has been an avid participant, especially during a time when such events were rare in India. His enthusiasm for this sport extends globally, and he is an ardent Formula One fan, closely following the thrilling races worldwide.


Shashi Ruia's passion lies in nurturing young talent and unlocking their potential. Having benefited from impactful mentorship, he is dedicated to cultivating and guiding leaders, both within and beyond his organisation. Shashi advocates for a culture of continuous teaching and learning, creating a virtuous cycle. His metric for measuring effective leadership is simple: the success of leaders is reflected in how many others they have mentored.


Aircraft and jets, akin to his fascination with ships, hold a profound interest and passion for Shashi Ruia. From the iconic Concorde to his current preferences — the Hawker and Turbo-jets — soaring through the skies in these marvels and delving into the associated aviation technology have been a source of immense passion and continual learning for him.


Shashi Ruia extends his impact beyond business, embodying the spirit of a philanthropic visionary. His unwavering commitment to social responsibility and community welfare defines his legacy. From empowering young talents through mentorship to supporting educational initiatives, Shashi's philanthropic endeavors reflect a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of giving. His acts of kindness resonate in various sectors, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives he touches. Shashi Ruia is a leader not only in boardrooms but also in making a meaningful difference in the world.


Shashi Ruia, not just a business luminary but a true friend, embodies warmth and camaraderie. Whether sharing a laugh over a cup of coffee or offering a listening ear during challenging times, Shashi's friendship is a treasure. His genuine concern for others and the ability to bring joy to any moment make him the kind of friend everyone wishes for. With Shashi, friendship is not just a word; it's a comforting presence, a pillar of support, and a source of shared laughter that echoes through the journey of life.

Global Citizen

Shashi Ruia transcends borders as a true global citizen, seamlessly navigating the tapestry of cultures and perspectives that span the world. With a keen awareness of global issues, Shashi engages in philanthropy, business, and personal pursuits that resonate on an international scale. His vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, fostering connections and collaborations that contribute to the betterment of the global community. Shashi Ruia, a beacon of global citizenship, exemplifies the spirit of interconnectedness and understanding that defines a true citizen of the world.


In the margins of his busy schedule, Shashi Ruia indulges in the art of doodling. Beyond the corporate world, his doodles unveil a whimsical side, providing a canvas for creative expression. From strategy sessions to quiet reflections, Shashi's doodles capture the fusion of business wisdom and artistic imagination. These spontaneous sketches serve as a testament to his ability to find inspiration in the everyday, adding a delightful touch to his diverse interests.


Shashi Ruia's world expands beyond the ordinary into the realm of gastronomy. A passionate food enthusiast, he delights in the simple joy of savoring diverse flavors and crafting culinary wonders. From experimenting with secret recipes to relishing the comforting warmth of homemade dishes, from lavish 5-stars to a hole in the wall, Shashi relishes the experience of treating his pallet to great tastes.


Shashi Ruia isn't just a business mind; he's a tech enthusiast. Beyond the norm, he dives into the digital world with genuine curiosity. Whether exploring the latest gadgets or staying updated on tech trends, Shashi's love for technology adds a modern twist to his multifaceted personality.

Film Star

Imagine Shashi Ruia as a film star, radiating charisma and charm. With a magnetic presence, he would capture audiences with a seamless blend of sophistication and relatability.


Advocating for progressive change, he brings a fresh perspective to governance. Shashi's commitment to public service is fueled by a desire to shape a better future for all.


Shashi Ruia, captivated by ‘The Fountainhead’, resonates with Howard Roark's individualism and unwavering pursuit of his vision. Much like Roark, Shashi embodies the spirit of a self-driven leader, unafraid to challenge conventions and forge his path. His interest in the show reflects a shared appreciation for the power of individuality in shaping one's destiny.


Shashi Ruia, drawn to ‘The Godfather’, shares the quiet authority and strategic mindset of Vito Corleone. His leadership, like the legendary character, is characterised by a shrewd understanding of situations and a commitment to nurturing those within his circle. Shashi's appreciation for ‘The Godfather’ mirrors his own approach to leadership, blending influence with a profound understanding of human dynamics.